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About Rudhra Fit

RudhraFit is a team of dedicated coaches who strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment while providing our community with the best possible coaching. We want our athlete to be stronger, faster and more coordinated. we believe that better moment and increased rang of motion are the cornerstone of health and fitness. it is our aim to aide our athletes in the pursuit of elite fitness.

RudhraFit is a community of diverse athlete. We are engineers, teachers, college athletes, students, doctors and professionals. We are moms, dads, grandparents, toddlers, teenagers. We are athlete training for the game, and we are athlete who are working out first time. What we share are motivation, hardwork, and honesty. Those are the characteristics we build our business and community upon.


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John Hans




A highly competent and enthusiastic Cross-fit trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their fitness goals. Possessing a successful track record of evaluating a client’s physical fitness, understanding their needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets. Possessing the necessary communication skills required to gain the trust of clients and thereby retain their business. Indeed during the previous 12 months successfully signed up over 220 new gym members. Now, opened his own gym under Rudhrafit. Also, john has medical background, whereas, he provides best knowledge to the clients. 

Anil Kumawat 




Qualified and highly skilled Fitness & Physical Education Trainer, Instructor, Coach & Teacher with 7 years diverse experience across various environments.  Committed to achieving positive outcomes, I am actively pursuing a challenging new career opportunity in the government sector where I would be involved in conducting physical fitness assessments, providing counselling and advice relating to health, nutrition and general fitness, assisting in the development and monitoring of health and fitness programs,  providing exercise leadership, fitness training programs and ongoing support and advice, conducting and assisting in the development of educational lectures related to health and fitness, assisting in the development of preventive health programs and providing assistance in the defensive tactics programs to staff.



Our Address:

518, Yudhister path, Vidhyut Nagar-A, Ajmer road, Jaipur 302021.




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